Heeeeeey there! Name's Bolin, and I'm part of the Fire-ferrets! I'm so happy you're so eager to meet me, so don't be afraid to say hi! Oh, and to Pabu too of course, heh.

“Pfft. Yeah, keep telling yourself that, loverboy. But you’ll always be dorky, doofus-y Bolin to me.”

Korra smiles at what her friend says next. She almost couldn’t imagine what life without Team Avatar was like anymore. But you bet she treasured every moment, didn’t let a single second pass her by. It was like a second family, almost. One she’d grown so attached to within a matter of weeks. 

As much as she wanted to say this, the Avatar could only manage a simple sentence.

“Yeah, it is pretty great…isn’t it?” 

"…It is."

(That wasn’t the reaction he was expecting, wasn’t Korra totally psyched about it as he was too? The last few weeks had been the most exciting ones of his life!)

"You okay Korra? Y’seem less pepped today. Nothin’s troublin’ you is it?"

"If it’s about Amon, then no worries! Now we’re a proper team with Asami too, we’ll be able to kick his equalist butt over the ocean!"

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“What’s up with you?! You’re like, especially dooftastic today or something.”

She gave him a light punch to the arm.



“Sometimes I can’t believe you and Mako are brothers.” 

"Hey! What you call, "dooftastic" plen’y of ladies refer to as, "charming"."

(He grins and puffs out his chest, then he pauses.)

"Not that I’m a womanizer or anything!”

(He hastily clears his throat and decides to start over.)

"Nahh. I’m just happy, It’s just… great to have you settled on the team Korra. Pro-Bending and fighting bad guys as Team Avatar is pretty exciting.”

"Even if it does get a little scary sometimes.”

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apparentlyhalfbaked replied to your post: "Bolin!!"

“You tried, buddy. A for effort.”

"Well, that’s something right!"

"Just you wait Korra, one day, I’ll greet you, and you’ll be SO blown away by the political correctness of my greeting, that even fluffy kitten-mice’ll offend you.”

"And they’re like, not offensive. They can’t speak."

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apparentlyhalfbaked-deactivated sobbed: "Think we could grab some grub later? Being lost makes you pretty famished."

"Awww man, you were lost?"

"It’s okay, you can tell me all about it. Wanna get noodles? Or noodles?"

"Not like we can afford much else."

"Hey it’s my man Korra!"


"My woman Korra? Nah, that sounded pretty hoaky too."

"My friend who is completely her own person Korra?"

"Weeeeell I guess I can add another notch to my belt of Pro-Bending victories!”


"…Though I s’pose Mako got more hits than me…"

"Oh well! A win is a win! Any of my adoring fans got any questions for me?”

((OOC: Advertising my new Bolin rp account here! im up for rps and questions from anyone and it’d be real nice to try out my characterization for him? thanks!))


"Noodles! They have some kinda magic power, I swear!"

"Gimme a bowl of noodles, and I could take on the world!"